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Make your fittings flawless with Asian Fastener’s range of custom brass components. We are a brass components manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based out of India. Our Indian root gives us the advantage of delivering quality products at economical prices. We have the experience of manufacturing and exporting brass components to international clients.

The properties of brass make it perfect for a variety of applications. Different industries use these properties for their benefit. Brass parts are widely used in electrical, plumbing, furnishing, etc. And, irrespective of the use, Asian Fasteners can easily create the exact part that you are looking for. We create custom brass components that are perfect for your machines and fittings.

Custom Brass Components

Asian Fasteners gives prime importance to your needs and provides exactly what you are looking for. That is why we also offer customization choices where you can choose the design, material, finish, etc. The material choices include brass, stainless steel, and wide range of alloys. The design on the other hand can be a classic style or something specifically for you. The finishes also vary from natural plating to nickel or tin plated.

Custom components are preferred by client because of the precision. At Asian Fasteners, we bring the exact precision to the table by crafting custom components that you are looking for. It not only includes dimensional precision but also quality, finish, etc. Brass is what we use to create precision custom products.

As a brass components manufacturer, Asian Fasteners offer almost everything that can be crafted using brass. Our products and accessories enhance the indoors and outdoors and also prove to be the perfect accessory for fittings in your house or offices. We have crafted standard and unusual brass components for our clients across the world. A glimpse into what we have created:

  • Railings
  • CNC machine parts
  • Pipes
  • Hardware fittings
  • Ethnic Items
  • Decorative

These are just some examples of what we are capable of when it comes to customizing brass. You can share the CAD file with us and we can create custom brass components. Alternatively, we have a team of designers who can create designs for you using latest Software and then manufacture the part as per the design.

By choosing us your brass components manufacturer, you get a lot of advantages. First, you benefit from our services that ensure that you get quality products on time. Second, you benefit from our experience which ensures that you never make wrong decisions. Third, you get hassle-free experience by just sending us your requirement and then relaxing till we deliver the delight to you.

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