Specification Components

Size does matter. Just as crucially as the strength.

We are the facilitator for a diverse range of products that play a very significant role into some of the bigger scheme of things. In other words, we make those simple machines which make it possible for other big things to go operational. Whether it is the water meter gauges or pipe fittings used to transfer liquids from one point to the other or even a small plastic moulding insert that makes the process a lot easier to fasten – we ensure you have peace of mind with every piece that we deliver.

Our capacity to deliver a diverse range of components, parts and accessories is backed by our quality promise that takes care of each technical specification with utmost concern. Every single batch goes through a stringent process of approvals by qualified personnel at our end before getting ready for the shipping.

Our regular products under specification components are

In addition to above mentioned, we are equipped to deliver various other products as per the customer’s requirements.

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