Custom Brass Products Manufacturers

Brass Parts Manufacturers

Asian Fasteners is a custom brass parts manufacturer with unparalleled experience in crafting top notch custom brass products. Our brass products are known for quality that is nothing less than perfection. This is attributed to the finest raw material that we use to create brass parts. Created from high grades of brass, which is acceptable as export quality.

Asian Fasteners has a name in customization. Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to produce all types of custom brass parts. Our brass parts have different applications. We have an array of products that are customized or created especially for clients. Our wide range includes:

  • Machine parts
  • Decorative items
  • Furnishing fixtures
  • Instruments and parts
  • Electrical and plumbing parts
  • Accessories like nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

Brass is an ideal choice for customizing the abovementioned parts because of its known properties like resistance to rust, resistance to wear and tear under high temperatures, tensile strength, etc. Our manufacturing facility allows us to create custom brass products which are perfect for different industries that appreciate the properties of brass. We cater to industries like:

  • Plumbing
  • Milling and drilling
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Electronic and electrical

Our clients vouch for our quality and that is the reason they always choose us over other competitors in the market. We believe in establishing network and building a relationship with those clients by providing them exactly what they are looking for. We offer precise custom parts crafted from high grades of brass. These custom parts are used in different industries for a variety of purposes.

Asian Fasteners has excelled in offering custom brass parts by providing services that complement customization. We take care of all the aspects from designing to manufacturing. Our expert designers use popular Software to design the right type of part for your machines or equipment. It then replicates the design into reality and create the right custom part for you.

Brass Parts Exporters

Our range of custom brass products are manufactured with focus on export and international quality standards. We comply to various ISO and DIN standards. The compliance codes vary from product to product. The DIN standards include DIN963, DIN85, DIN84, etc. and the ISO standards include ISO2010, ISO1207, ISO7046, etc.

Apart from our compliance protocols, we are an ideal exporter of custom brass parts because we have experience in catering to global clients across the world. We are aware of all the nuances involved in exporting brass items and have the required approvals and permits required to export brass products.

You should choose us as your manufacturing partner because we offer an affordable range of customized brass products without compromising on the quality. Contact us at for more details on our products or to request a free price quote.

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