Past Forward

Born with the genetic code map of a True Technopreneurship, we are firmly rooted in the principles of holistic growth which has helped us progress exponentially since 1972. From a single-product company, we have become permanent on the A-list of some of the prominent importers across the globe.

Thanks to our transparent business practices, consistent quality and just-in-time delivery, we have forged long lasting relationships with many of our past clients who are still with us.

Core Purpose Of The Company

  • TTo Continuously
  • EEnhance The Efficiency of Customized Solutions
  • AAnd Thereby
  • MMake End User Secure & Satisfied

Core Values Of The Company

  • Going together, growing together.
  • Reliable for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Consistent in delivering quality products.
  • Value for money.
  • Continuous upgradation.
  • Remain a socially responsible company.

Brand Promise

Consistency in business dealings since 1972.

Inviting The World

In order to become the most preferred source for Electrical , Automobile, Engineering & Telecommunication industries for their need of fasteners & metal components.

we have recently enhanced our capacity while building new competences along the way. We invite inquiries from any corner of the world to build mutually rewarding business relationships.

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