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Brass Machine Screws

To avail precise and quality castings at competitive prices, contact Asian Fasteners team. The engineers at the facility are producing vast range of brass machine screws and other fastening components by following strict guidelines to ensure product authenticity before releasing it to the market user. The team of professionals have years of experience that hlped the company in establishing a strong reputation in the market.

Our ranges of heads available in Machine Screws are –

  • Pan Head

  • Countersunk Head

  • Raised Head

  • Cheese Head

  • Mushroom Head

Now Let's discuss each in detail below:
  • Pan head screws – these are best suited for screw products where user requires a flat bearing surface or where there is no need of countersunk. Manufacturers find this product more economical to produce than countersunk.
  • Countersunk head screws – these are vastly applied in screw products where a flush fit is required on the surface. Users employ countersunk head screws in door hinges, manhole cover plates, timber joinery, etc.
  • Raised head screws – These are often used for exposed applications such as public transport fittings.
  • Cheese head screws – these are less popular than pan but still you can avail a deeper slot capability from these types of screws. Cheese head screws are usually used as a slot product on machine screws.
  • Mushroom head screws – these types of screws are also known by the name of truss head screws. These screws have larger diameter and lower profile had as compared to cup, round or pan.

We provide three types of drives in machine screws –

  • Pozi Drive

  • Cross Recess H Drive

  • Slotted Drive

Asian Fasteners emerged as prominent leader among other manufacturers and suppliers in the industry by delivering and exporting assorted range of brass inserts and machine screws. You don’t have to worry about on time delivery, we are well-known suppliers for delivering the products in-time.

Machine Screws Are Available In The Following Standards

Machine Screw Type Corresponding DIN Standard Equivalent ISO Standard
Pan Head Slotted Drive DIN 85 ISO 1580
Pan Head Pozi Drive DIN 7985 Z ISO 7045
Pan Head Cross Recess H Drive DIN 7985 H ISO 7045
Countersunk Head Slotted Drive DIN 963 ISO 2009
Countersunk Head Pozi Drive DIN 965 Z ISO 7046
Countersunk Head Cross Recess H Drive DIN 965 H ISO 7046
Raised Countersunk Head Slotted Drive DIN 964 ISO 2010
Raised Countersunk Head Pozi Drive DIN 966 Z ISO 7047
Raised Countersunk Head Cross Recess H Drive DIN 966 H ISO 7047
Cheese Head Slotted Drive DIN 84 ISO 1207
Cheese Head Cross Recess H Drive   ISO 7048
Mushroom Head Slotted Drive    


  • Thread Dia : M2, M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6
  • Thread Length : M5 To M75

Type of Threads Available :

  • Metric (MM)
  • BSW

Raw Material :

  • CuZn37 / MS63 / CZ108 / CW508L / Equivalent Grade
  • SAE 1008 / SAE 1010 / SAE 1020 / Equivalent Grade

Surface Finish :

  • Natural Self Colour
  • Copper Plated
  • Nickle Plated
  • Tin Plated
  • Zinc Plated
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